Sarah Kruse, Ayurvedic Practitioner, LMP, Doula


* Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations
* Abhyanga ~ Ayurvedic Warm Herbal Oil Massage, with 1 or 2 therapists
* Shirodhara Bliss Therapy ~ warm oil over the forehead
* Therapeutic Massage: may include Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone and Energy Work.
* Prenatal Massage and Ayurvedic Postpartum Massage & Care Programs
* Panchakarma Cleansing Programs: 5 or 7 days of complete cleansing & rejuvenation
* Day of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Packages

About Sarah

Sarah has chosen to work in the field of Ayurveda for the purpose of bringing healing and awareness to peoples lives so they can realize their unique life path and contribute their gifts to the world we live in. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Massage Therapist, she is here to assist you in returning to your true nature through Ayurvedic Consultations and rejuvenating bodywork.

Sarah is a graduate of The Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, where she studied under Dr. Vasant Lad, and has traveled extensively throughout India, studying with renowned Ayurvedic doctors and scholars. She is also a graduate of Cortiva Institute of Massage in Seattle. Sarah has been practicing Ayurveda since 1999 and massage since 2001.

Her other great joy in life is caring for her daughter, Amulya. She continues to teach her about unconditional love, playfulness, patience and being fully present.

To make an appointment, you may call: (808) 635-0352 or email:


Photo Credit: Sarah Marlowe