Our Story

We are Aditi. We are community, family, friends. We strive to know about you as an individual so we can meet your personal needs; body, heart, mind.  Aditi is founded on the trust built between the business, the teachers and the students to support one another on this profound journey into ourselves.

You will challenge your body, but we are not about working out. You will honor your heart and mind in equal measure. You will be a member of a growing community of yogis who are seeking something deeper, for practice with meaning, yearning for yoga school…not just yoga class.

Our goal is to offer you the tools to know and serve yourself better, in every way, on every level, at every stage of your life. We are Aditi.


Share our VALUES

Aditi means "Limitless" - when you nurture and listen to your body, your potential for personal growth is limitless.


  • Community

  • Generosity

  • Self-care

  • Openness

  • Health

  • Mindfulness


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