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For Insurance Clients: Before scheduling a massage, please be sure that the massage therapist you choose is in network with your plan (this information is available under each practitioners bios) AND that massage therapy is a covered benefit. Please note: Insurance Massages are 55min.

In order to bill your insurance we must have a prescription from your Healthcare Provider with the following information:

  • Diagnosis with corresponding codes

  • Number of visits

  • Duration - Start and End dates

*Regardless of what your insurance provider tells you, we need a prescription to bill. If you do not have a prescription we will have to charge you the full rate of $90.00.

Many insurance plans offer "out of network' benefits and we are happy to bill your insurance if you choose to see someone who is not "in network" with your plan. 

**Although we are happy to bill your insurance, we do not verify your benefits. For information regarding your insurance benefits, please call your provider directly.