Nicole Donahoo

MA 60298113


Nicole received her training from the massage program at Lake Washington Technical Institute in 2011-2012 and worked at a teaching clinic of therapy for over a year practicing and understanding kinesthetic techniques. Nicole specializes in Trigger-point, PNT (peripheral nerve technique), and cross-fiber treatments. Recently learning the Myokinestheic system for the upper body and neck, pairing nerve pathways and movement together to release tension. After graduating from Western in 2010 with her BS in Kinesiology and an emphasis on Pre-Physical Therapy, Nicole started working as an aide at a physical therapy clinic. Looking for a direction, she wanted to take that understanding and knowledge of the body into a productive way to help others; after meeting a very skilled LMP, she was inspired to pursue that as a career.

Insurance Accepted: Premera, Aetna, Cigna, L&I and PIP