Jessica Lindmark

Since beginning her practice in 2004, Jessica has developed a deep respect for Yoga as a powerful life tool which strengthens not only the mind and body, but our connection to the miracle of the world around us as well. Recognizing the profound effects of the practice on her own life, she traveled to Goa, India to complete her 200 hour RYT in April of 2012. Influenced primarily by both Ashtanga and more restorative elements of yoga, her classes blend the strength of vinyasa flow with the gentle, nourishing benefits of restorative asana.

As both a teacher and a student, Jessica’s practice (on and off the mat) is informed by the belief that every being has something of unique beauty that is theirs to embody in this world; that just as powerful as a deep breath, is a genuine smile. That the ability to come home to ourselves in any moment, is the ability to stop, breathe, and notice the evidence of grace that continually exists around us. In the words of the French Painter, Matisse "There are always flowers for those who want to see them."

Nowhere is this more evident to us than when we venture away from our busy lives and into the world of Nature. Through outdoor classes, whether in local Seattle parks or the wilderness of Alaska, Jessica invites her students to venture out while looking within. Through grounded, intentional, and playful practices, she encourages her students to harness to the spring of inspiration inside themselves – to find that which sings within them, and to nurture it.