Richelle Ricard


Richelle has been immersed in the work of the body for 22+ years, from sports medicine to the sciences of therapeutic and clinical massage, energy work, bio-mechanics, nutrition, and yoga. She has developed and taught teacher training curriculum in programs across the USA and Canada to offer yoga teachers and teacher-trainees an expanded knowledge of functional anatomy. Richelle's approach to teaching yoga is deliberate, intentional and precise. Her classes incorporate some slow flowing transitions, but her focus is on building finite awareness from within, building strength slowly over time and finding the alignment that is perfect for each individual body. Her yoga study has varied from Ashtanga to Vinyasa Flow to more traditional Hatha practices and she subscribes to no particular style. She'd rather each person find their home in their own body/mind/spirit, finding their center through their own perspective and individual differences, and protecting themselves from injury along the way.