Welcome to Aditi!

Aditi means "Limitless" - when you nurture and listen to your body, your potential for personal growth is limitless. Come join us for a class and meet our teachers. You'll feel right at home ;)

The atmosphere is serene and relaxing, and it doesn’t have that corporate feel that some studios have. It’s easy to manage your class passes online and checking in is a breeze with the iPad on the way in. So happy to have found this studio. There is ample free parking right outside the door.
— Mona N.
Tired of overcrowded, overhyped, getting-hit-in-the-face-by-that-girl’s-three-legged-dog studios? Me too. When I practice, I like to be in a comfortable space with instructors who have the time and availability to help everyone achieve their yoga goals. Aditi Yoga is such a place.
— Ashley L.