Aditi is devoted to your physical well-being through our integrated services, so you can complement or shift your wellness journey to meet your needs.

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A fusion between pilates, barre, and yoga, Barre is an incredible full-body workout. Each class focuses on the bigger muscles of the legs and glutes with a full range of motion, and strengthens the joints, stabilizing muscles with the classic Pilates pulse. Arms are typically done with smaller weights which means longer reps to feel an intense burn deep within the muscle. This class will not only create a longer and leaner body, but you will leave feeling stronger and sore in places you didn't even know existed!


Core & Strength

Core + Strength is the perfect class to build and strengthen muscles as a complement to your yoga classes. Each class is written to strategically work your entire core from the obliques to the upper, mid, and lower core, as well as your legs and arms. Each set of exercises is 10-12 exercises, with each exercise being 60 seconds long. It's just enough time for that moment when your body wants to quit! We will do the set 3-4 times, with small changes to the exercises. Clients are encouraged to pick the type of weights that best suit them, and modifications are offered. Get ready to feel sore for a few days after.   


Functional Conditioning

The goal of Functional Conditioning is to build our inner scaffolding. While most strengthening classes focus on the outer muscles, we work from the inside out. We focus on the spine, hips and shoulders, core and balance. In turn we improve posture, resilience, and confidence. Come prepared to have fun, get stronger and more flexible. We combine focused work with humor and an easy going vibe. This class is all levels---all are welcome.

Meet our Barre & Strength Teachers

They’ll make working your core (and other areas) not feel like a chore!