Explore Our Variety of Yoga Styles

We know that you, like us, have both energetic days and drained days. So no matter what you're feeling, we've got your mood covered.



Hatha—Slow moving, longer-held postures with the occasional slow-owing sequence. Emphasized attention to alignment, anatomy, physical awareness and breath control. Detailed instruction will help you move deeper into your practice over time. Ideal for new practitioners, experienced yogis desiring more specic instruction, and those wanting to rene their alignment in both fundamental and intermediate postures.

Slow Flow


Slow Flow classes are for students who are ready to step up their practice and incorporate more standing poses and some movement, including sun salutations. These classes are well rounded giving each student an opportunity to go deeper into their practice in a safe and supported environment. Focus is given to breath work, proper alignment, and enhancing the relaxation response of the central nervous system. Leave class feeling more balanced and content.



Gentle—Slow moving, breath-centered postures with little-to-no owing sequences. Ideal for new practitioners, anyone needing a slower pace, or those seeking a reintroduction to practice. Lots of props for great support and simple instructions. No exibility or previous experience required.

Yoga Bliss


The perfect end to the day or week, this class begins with gentle, flowing yoga postures, connecting movement with breath, and finish with relaxing, restorative poses. It is suitable for all levels and all are welcome.