Deirdre Wilcox

Deirdre brings her passion for optimizing the human experience to the mat. The greatest challenge she sees in herself and others is people simply wanting to be more comfortable in their lives and skins, wanting to feel safe, strong, grounded, resilient and clear minded. She brings 25 years of experience in health and wellness, including 12 years teaching yoga and therapeutic movement, to her classes. Here Deirdre supports “coming back home” to our best selves through breath, movement, a safe environment and irreverent humor. While Deirdre’s teaching foundation is in the Viniyoga tradition and in Aston Kinetics, she incorporates the influences of many teachers and paths, favoring an eclectic approach. This includes a breath focused practice, mini flows alternating with holds, conditioning, restoring and whatever meets the needs of the students before her on a given day. Together they shape the class. All are welcome. Modifications and options are freely offered.