Amber Rule

Amber is an artist and yoga instructor who began teaching to answer the call to a path of service. As an artist her work is often inspired by yoga philosophy, nature and spirituality. On the mat she teaches with focus on breath and alignment to safely build strength, flexibility and integrity of the body while maintaining a sense of grounding calm. Amber creates opportunity to explore a healthy challenge and edge in a safe, non-judgmental environment. As each person is an individual with unique needs, she offers variation and promotes intuitive expression to keep curiosity at any experience level. She resonates with the concept of self-observation on the mat serving as a mirror into the daily self. With a playful and lighthearted approach, her goal is to create a loving space for introspection while providing tools of breath and body to integrate
the sweetness of yoga into daily life.

Deirdre Wilcox

Deirdre brings her passion for optimizing the human experience to the mat. The greatest challenge she sees in herself and others is people simply wanting to be more comfortable in their lives and skins, wanting to feel safe, strong, grounded, resilient and clear minded. She brings 25 years of experience in health and wellness, including 12 years teaching yoga and therapeutic movement, to her classes. Here Deirdre supports “coming back home” to our best selves through breath, movement, a safe environment and irreverent humor. While Deirdre’s teaching foundation is in the Viniyoga tradition and in Aston Kinetics, she incorporates the influences of many teachers and paths, favoring an eclectic approach. This includes a breath focused practice, mini flows alternating with holds, conditioning, restoring and whatever meets the needs of the students before her on a given day. Together they shape the class. All are welcome. Modifications and options are freely offered.

Janiece Collopy

Janiece’s love for yoga sparked in high school when she and her mom tried a yoga studio by their home. Immediately she fell in love with its calming and restoring nature, and carried her practice through college and into adulthood. Yoga has played a huge role in helping her manage stress and anxiety. It continues to be a reminder to be immersed and grounded in the present moment. Her style primarily gravitates towards a gentle, yin style, and over the years she has developed a deep appreciation of practicing meditation and mindfulness.

In 2016 she began working as a birth and postpartum doula and soon blended her birth work with yoga by completing a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through Synergy Yoga in Seattle. She is excited to bring her knowledge of birth into her yoga teaching. So many of the techniques she has learned through yoga are highly applicable in aiding labor and postpartum period. Though birth is a large focus of hers, she believes yoga can benefit everyone in any stage of life and enjoys teaching all ages. Her classes are light-hearted, and encourage an environment of self-love, kindness and respect. You can find her website at

Jenny Hurst

Jenny began practicing yoga 14 years ago looking for a physical challenge until she realized one day in pigeon pose, how much deeper this practice truly was. She became certified to teach in 2009, wanting to share the joy and meditation of these movements with all. She believes in making yoga accessible to everyone, encouraging students to listen to their bodies in the exploration of personal and physical limits. Jenny’s inspired classes are flow based with attention to alignment and the inner teacher.

Sally Carley

Sally has been teaching yoga full time for nearly 15 years, and is proud to have been among the very first teachers at Aditi. She received certification from both 8 Limbs Yoga and The Samarya Center, where she also trained in Integrated Movement Therapy. These, plus hundreds of hours of training with many nationally known teachers, combine to support Sally’s style of teaching. Her spiritual teachers come from yogic and Blackfoot traditions, and her classes are infused with the core teachings of each. At Aditi, Sally offers 2 Gentle classes. She combines Hatha asana with pranayama and meditation and Yin, Restorative poses ,and occasional Yoga Nidra. Her classes are accessible to all, and a joyous mix of yogic philosophy and light-hearted fun, welcoming students of all ages, regardless of perceived barriers.